This month’s IMPACT Collision Solutions message discusses the all-important topic of improving cycle time.  Improving Cycle Time is always a key issue for shops, and it is getting more complex with ADAS calibrations and new vehicle cleaning protocols.  However, getting repairs through the facility more quickly increases shop capacity and improves customer and insurer satisfaction.  The two greatest barriers to improving cycle time: Waiting Time and Process Time.  Though improving Cycle Time begins in the front office, it inevitably ends in the paint shop.  One often overlooked area of streamlining the refinishing process is the use of Ultraviolet (UV) Cured Primers.  There are a few key benefits of using UV primers to save cost, streamline SKU’s, and reduce process times.  UV primers cure in a fraction of the time of conventional products, shortening cycle time, and enable higher daily output.  UV primers are also single component products with no need for mixing, reducing, or catalyzing – thereby saving additional time and eliminating unneeded SKU’s.  UV technology can be used for both large jobs as well as spot repairs.  Please take some time to explore this month’s Collision Solutions Message for a deeper discussion of how to use UV primers to improve your shop’s cycle time.

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