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Automotive Color & Supply Corp. delivers superior value to our customers beyond the top-quality products we sell. The services and training opportunities we offer is what differentiates ACS from other distributors because Service is Our Business. Automotive Color exceeds your expectations by providing basic services in an exceptional way.

  • We provide an easy-to-use platform for electronic ordering and on-demand reporting.
  • We offer convenient delivery of your orders on a schedule that fits your requests.
  • Our delivery team will store and put away the products delivered as you desire.
  • We maintain a consistent fill rate of 97% or greater for the products you buy.
  • Our stores are staffed by knowledgeable, well-trained, friendly professionals that will assist you with product, ordering, and logistics needs.
  • Our knowledgeable, well-trained, experienced, professional service team comprised of an account manager, in-store personnel, on-site technicians, and business development professionals are dedicated to your success and satisfaction with ACS and the products used in your operations.
  • We have a corporate full office occupied by flexible, experienced administrative professionals that will handle your billing, payment, reporting, and account set-up requirements.
  • Our ownership is local and involved heavily in the day-to-day operations of our business and yours.

Automotive Color goes beyond the basics as well to deliver you superior value using different layers of personnel from our company to improve yours.

Our non-commissioned manufacturer-trained account managers are experts in the products we sell. They will make product recommendations and suggestions to improve your outcomes. Our account managers will help you manage your inventory to ensure optimum stocking levels on a weekly and monthly basis. They will make observations of your processes and propose solutions to increase your efficiency. Our account managers will advocate and take action for your success.

Automotive Color, also, employs Master Certified technicians that will provide solutions for your technical problems, ideas for improvement to your operations, and identify opportunities to benefit your business. They are available for on-site trouble shooting, training, and demonstration related to the products you use. Our technicians will lead certification and other training events at your facility or ours to ensure your team’s training needs are kept up-to-date. They will make product and process improvement suggestions that will improve your success.

Automotive Color business development professionals will work with you to positively impact your business performance. They will provide consultation on flow management, facility layout, and process improvements. Our business development professionals will perform job-costing analysis and budget structuring to improve your business’s financial success. They will be a business coach you can rely upon for high-level solutions that will increase your profitability.

Automotive Color has the resources and solutions to deliver the basic services expected of a distributor in an extraordinary way and the next-level benefits of an outstanding business partner to your organization. Find out now why Service is Our Business!

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