The Society of Collision Repair Specialists’ (SCRS) released its Blend Study Report: A comparative analysis between full refinish and blend operations.  SCRS conducted an independently audited time study on the difference in time it takes to refinish a blend panel versus a full refinish panel.  As all major refinish manufacturers of automotive coatings recommend blending to achieve an appropriate color match, this is a process collision repairers perform on nearly every repair.  The three primary estimating systems establish a formula of 50% of the full refinish value for a blend panel on two-stage finishes.  However, most collision repair professionals argue that blending a panel takes more time (and skill) than it does to refinish a full panel without blending.

Therefore, SCRS undertook this study with the help of all five major refinish manufacturers in North America—Akzo Nobel, Axalta, BASF, PPG, and Sherwin Williams—Ford Motor Company, 3M, and Global Finishing Solutions to establish  the difference in time it takes, on average, to complete a blend versus a full refinish panel.  The results suggest the formula of 50% of the full refinish value is not accurate.  In fact, the study concludes that, on average, it takes more than 31% longer to complete a blend versus a full panel.  “The findings suggest that the concerns expressed by our members have not been unfounded,” states SCRS Executive Director, Aaron Schulenburg. “These results very clearly establish that performing the processes necessary to blend a panel does not take less labor than the processes to fully refinish a panel.”

The results of this study, while not likely surprising, provide an excellent source of independently verified data to support collision repair professionals in making their case for greater blend times being necessary.  It will be interesting to see responses from the other stakeholders, such as insurers and data providers.  Please take a moment to explore this information in greater detail at  In addition, please, consider joining SCRS as a member to financially support an organization that does outstanding work advocating for collision repair professionals and businesses in North America.