Cycle times have increased dramatically in recent years due to several factors such as supply chain disruptions, the need for pre- and post-repair ADAS scans, calibrations, a greater emphasis on OE repair standards that require added research and documentation, and the ongoing shortage of experienced and qualified technicians.  Enterprise reports Length of Rental (LOR) days have increased to 17.4 days, but JD Power reported total cycle time in repair shops at 23.1 days.  While supply chain issues and shop backlogs appear to be easing, cycle time remains the greatest determinant of shop capacity. The slower repairs move through the shop and greater work-in-process (WIP) inventory, the lower shop capacity will be.  It is a mathematical certainty that, with a fixed number of production technicians and work stalls, WIP becomes the controlling factor.  In this month’s IMPACT Collision Solutions, we will revisit some of the factors that affect cycle time and suggest ways to reduce it.

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