Among the dynamics affecting collision repairers–besides technology, competition, the supply chain, and personnel shortages–remain the ongoing challenge of negotiating with or meeting the changing needs of insurers.  Insurers are affected by and responding to changes in the collision repair industry, and this definitely affects the relationship between insurers and repairers.  In upcoming editions of IMPACT Collision Solutions, we will explore how this changing environment affects the relationship between collision centers and insurers and how both parties can prosper.  This will include digital estimating, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the effect of ADAS and the supply chain, as well as the fundamentals of customer satisfaction, quality of repair, and the effect of increasing cycle times.  Here in Part One, we will review the fundamentals of the insurance game to better understand What Makes Insurers Tick.  If we understand what drives them, we can better position ourselves to meet their needs that, in turn, enables them to meet our needs.

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