Health and Safety has suddenly become front and center for all businesses and individuals due to Covid-19.  This month’s edition of Collision Solutions was in the works well before Covid-19 became an issue.  The pandemic, however, just puts an exclamation point on both the importance and the urgency of building a health and safety culture in a collision repair business.  As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  It is far better to prevent a problem than to try to fix it later.  Health and Safety in the workplace has largely been driven by Federal government initiatives and regulations with additional enforcement on the state and local level.  This has resulted in shop upgrades with modern paint booths, low VOC and waterborne refinish products, and wider use of personal protective equipment such as respirators, paint suits, gloves, and the like.  Now, we are to a point of evolution that compliance is accepted and expected, but not always fulfilled.  Collision centers contain inherent hazards that can result in accidents and illnesses.  In order to assure that both management and employees always do the right things to protect themselves, it is important to build a “culture” such that safe practices are built into the process, not an added nuisance.  In this month’s Collision Solutions, we will explore some ideas about building a health and safety culture in the collision center.  Plus, on June 24, 2020, at 2pm Eastern, Brandon Thomas of GMG EnviroSafe will present a webinar, “OSHA’s Body Shop Enforcement and Safety Program.”  Click here to Register.

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